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An operating system for guilds to manage and organize their workforce.


Assets managed


Accounts analyzed daily


Actions performed


Community members

Security for Assets

Real-time tracking for all of your inventory.

Instant Alerts

Get notified of events flagged by our system.


Choose what you want to manage, omit what you don't.

  • What is SaFu?

    SaFu is the suite of internal tools that we use at Neftify. It allows our community to keep its assets safe, manage payroll, HR, and keep track of how its inventory is used.

  • Whats Neftify?

    Neftify is on a mission to make participation in the metaverse economy accessible to all. We do this by connecting creators, lenders, and players to generate new ways for people to earn and live, cooperatively. We hope to inspire new metonomic models beyond play-to-earn games and help organize the future workforce of the metaverse.

  • What's the cost to use SaFu?

    It's free, but only Neftify Lenders are able to access it. So if you are a guild or manager that wants to leverage SaFu, you should lend Axies on Neftify and you will be able to access SaFu from the same wallet that you deposited from.

  • Are you guys planing on building more tools?

    Yes. SaFu is an internal tool that we just happen to allow Neftify Lenders to access. We're constantly updating it for our use.

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